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Altinbas University offers a global reach, academic excellence, and dedicated support to help students achieve professional and personal success. With strong academic staff, effective education, and a focus on foreign language and computer education, Altinbas University provides a flexible program structure and a close connection with the world. Students benefit from support for finding employment, scholarship and financing opportunities, and advantages for postgraduate education. Located in Istanbul, a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, Altinbas University provides a vibrant and affordable student life.

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Wherever you are from, whatever you plan to study, Altinbas University's global reach, academic excellence, and dedicated support can guide you towards professional and personal success.

Strong Academic Staff

Altinbas University boasts professors with PhD degrees from renowned international universities, teaching experience at top institutions, and a strong publication record.

Effective Education

Students benefit from small classroom sizes, active learning, hands-on experience, and individual academic advisors.

Strong Foreign Language Education

Altinbas University offers education in English, professional English courses, and experienced staff proficient in English instruction.

Strong Computer Education

With mandatory computer courses across all departments, online learning opportunities, and a focus on digital skills.

Flexible Program Structure

Altinbas University provides common courses in the first year, department transfers, minor and double major programs, and tailored individual programs.

Education with Close Connection with the World

Students engage in internships, social responsibility projects, entrepreneurship courses, and global programs with foreign universities.

Support for Finding Employment

Altinbas University offers career center support, job opportunities within holding companies, and various scholarship and financing options.

Advantages for Postgraduate Education

Students receive scholarships for Master's programs, discounted post-graduation course audits, and reduced fees for certificate programs.

City University in Istanbul

Located in Istanbul, Altinbas University provides a vibrant student life in a city known for its history, culture, and affordable living.

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Main Campus

Cadessi, Turkey

Admission Intakes

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Fall 2024

Application StartOct 1, 2023
Application DeadlineAug 15, 2024
Program commencesSep 2, 2024

Spring 2025

Application StartMay 16, 2024
Application DeadlineDec 15, 2024
Program commencesFeb 26, 2025

Fall 2024

Application StartFeb 13, 2024
Application DeadlineJun 30, 2024
Program commencesSep 25, 2024

Fall 2025

Application StartFeb 13, 2025
Application DeadlineJun 30, 2025
Program commencesSep 25, 2025

Fall 2025

Application StartFeb 13, 2025
Application DeadlineJun 30, 2025
Program commencesSep 25, 2025
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