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Yeditepe University offers a modern and diverse education with 67 undergraduate and 4 associate degree programs across 13 faculties and various postgraduate programs. The university's medium of instruction is English, preparing students for the age of information.

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Yeditepe University, founded in 1996 by Istanbul Egitim ve Kultur Vakfi (ISTEK), aims to nurture modern, inquisitive, and globally competent individuals in line with Ataturk's principles. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the university's 26 Ağustos Campus hosts 13 faculties, 2 schools, and 1 vocational school offering a wide range of academic programs.

Modern Education for the Information Age

Yeditepe University provides a contemporary education that meets the demands of the information age. With a focus on academic excellence and technological skills, the university's English-medium programs equip students for a rapidly evolving world.

Global Opportunities and Sustainability

Yeditepe University boasts over 700 international partnerships, offering students opportunities for exchange programs and collaborations worldwide. The university's commitment to sustainability is evident through initiatives like solar energy production and environmental awareness.

Cutting-Edge Facilities and Student Life

The 26 Ağustos Campus provides a vibrant environment for students, featuring modern amenities, cultural spaces, and sports facilities. With a focus on holistic development, Yeditepe offers 54 student clubs and diverse activities to enrich the student experience.

Pioneering Education in Turkey

Yeditepe University stands out as a leading institution in Turkey, offering a wide range of academic fields, international collaborations, and industry partnerships. The university's commitment to innovation and academic excellence makes it a top choice for students seeking a dynamic and forward-thinking education.

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Fall 2024

Application StartJun 1, 2024
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Spring 2025

Application StartJun 1, 2024
Application DeadlineJan 31, 2025
Program commencesFeb 12, 2025

Spring 2025

Application StartJun 1, 2024
Application DeadlineJan 31, 2025
Program commencesFeb 12, 2025
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