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In our contemporary world of information technologies and communication, English has inevitably become the universal language used in international communication without which it is almost impossible to survive in the modern World. English Language Preparatory Schools play an essential role in this respect by providing the students with the requisite language skills required to function at the appropriate level of proficiency in their specialism.

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Foreign Languages & English Preparatory School - Cover
1 month
Tuition Fee
$6,500 annually
On Campus
Full Time


About the Department

The medium of instruction at Rauf Denktaş University (RDU) is English and Foreign Language and English Preparatory School (FLEPS) which is a unit within its academic structure was founded along with the establishment of the Rauf Denktaş University in September 2018. The Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School at Rauf Denktaş University plays an important role in providing a range of English courses to students who have been admitted to English-medium degree programs.
At the beginning of each academic year, all students are required to take the proficiency/level examination. As per the examination results, students who demonstrate an inadequate level of English proficiency to carry out their studies in their departments are required to improve their level of English by attending the English Preparatory Program prior to the first term in the respective faculty.
Students have access to all educational opportunities for success. They may receive one-on-one study with teachers outside the classroom as part of the Remedial Teaching schedule, and borrow books from the library to improve reading. In addition to these, they can use digital platforms and other utilities in the laboratories.

Program Structure

Rauf Denktaş University is a private institution that was founded in February 2015 and the first students were accepted in September 2018. English Preparatory School was established on the same date along with Rauf Denktaş University. The student intake has increased each year since 2018.
Rauf Denktaş University is an English Medium higher institution and English Preparatory School (EPS) is a unit within the academic structure of the RDU. The main aim of the Foreign Languages and Preparatory School (FLEPS) is to provide General English Language (ENGL 001 and ENGL 002) and English for Academic Purposes (ENGL 101 and ENGL 102) courses to newly admitted students who are not at the required English language proficiency levels to start their programs. In addition to these language courses, students are offered ITEC, Turkish, and Mathematics courses at FLEPS in order to be ready to their departmental studies.

Values and Aims

The core values at FLEPS are as follows:
Continuous improvement
Student-Centered Education
Respect ethical values and social responsibility
to promote the sustainable life-long practices


The FLEPS aims to provide Rauf Denktaş University students with the opportunity to learn English Language, which is used in the international arena. Our language programs offer courses to help students to meet the language requirements necessary for their academic and social lives by using student-centered methods and techniques.
In addition to English courses, Basic Mathematics, Computer, and Turkish language courses are offered to students who continue their preparatory education so that they can further improve their academic knowledge and skills.

English Placement Exam

Students, who register for Rauf Denktaş University (RDU) programs and are unable to confirm their English Language Proficiency levels with a valid document (see the Exemption Criteria), are required to take the English Proficiency and Placement Exam at the beginning of the academic semester before they start their studies. Students who attain the required level can enroll in courses offered in their registered programs. Students who are under the required level for their program are placed into English Preparatory Schools for one or two semesters according to their levels as determined by the exam results.
English Placement Examination aims to assess students’ English proficiency in grammar, listening, reading, and writing. The test consists of 80 multiple-choice questions and an essay writing task. A sample test is available on RDU’s website.
The students, who achieve a score above %50 on English Placement Exam, are eligible to start their studies in their departments.


A copy of your High School Diploma (O LEVEL & A LEVEL) e.g (WAEC, NECO, SAT, KCSE, ZIMSEC, GCE)

A copy of your International passport Bio-data page.

A copy of your recent Passport Photo.

A valid copy of your Result Checker Card.

All applicants for undergraduate degree courses must possess a minimum qualification of five (5) credits, in the Senior Secondary School Certificate (WAEC, NECO, SAT, KCSE, ZIMSEC, GCE).


Tuition Fee $6,500 annually
Application Fee $0
Acceptance Fee $3,250
Housing Fee $100- $200 monthly
Living Fee $100- $200 monthly

Addition Information

Duration1 month
AttendanceOn Campus
Country🇨🇾 Cyprus
Main Campus
FormatFull Time
Spring 2023, Fall 2023, Fall 2024, Spring 2024, Spring 2025, Spring 2025
Study LanguageEnglish
Application Fee$0

$6,500 per year

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