Refund and Fee Policy

Last Updated: Jan 7, 2024

1. Introduction

By accessing or using the Univacity platform, Users agree to comply with and be bound by the following Refund and Fees Policy. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using Univacity services.

2. Programs

  • Application Fee: Users acknowledge and agree to the non-refundable nature of the Application Fee as outlined in this policy. Users have carefully review this policy before initiating the application process.
  • Service Fee: Univacity's Service Fee is non-refundable. Thus, once the Service Fee has been paid, it is non-reversible, irrespective of subsequent decisions or circumstances.
  • Add-ons: Users have the option to access additional services, referred to as Add-ons, beyond the basic service offerings. Examples of Add-on services include application review and visa support, etc. Utilizing Add-on services attracts additional non-refundable fees, and once paid, these fees are non-reversible, irrespective of subsequent decisions or outcomes.

    • The specific fees for each Add-on service are determined by Univacity and the non-refundable nature of the fees for Add-on services is applicable in all circumstances.
    • Univacity reserves the right to modify the fees for Add-on services, which will be communicated to the Users.

3. Tours

  • Refund: Users acknowledge that refunds and partial refunds for tours adhere to the refund policy of the hosting institute. Users agree to familiarize themselves with the refund policy provided by the hosting institutes.
  • Cancellation and Postponement

    • Institute-led Tour Cancellation: In the event of institute-led tour cancellation, a mandatory full refund will be issued to the user.
    • Postponed Tours: For postponed tours, a 48-hour full refund window is available to Users. During this period, Users have the option to request a full refund if the tour has been rescheduled.

4. Visa and Consultancy Fees

  • Visa Fee: Once the visa processing has commenced, Visa Fees become non-refundable. This policy is in line with the post-processing nature of visa-related expenses. Users acknowledge that following the initiation of visa processing, refunds for Visa Fees will not be issued.
  • Consultant Fee: Univacity's Consultant Fee for visa support is non-refundable. This fee is associated with the professional guidance and support provided by Univacity throughout the visa application process.

5. Payment

  • Refund Dependency: Refund processes are contingent upon the refund policy of the respective Institute. The Institute's specific guidelines and conditions for refunds will be followed in all cases, and users elect to familiarize themselves with these policies.
  • Currency Conversion: Currency conversion for payments will be determined based on the prevailing market rate. Users acknowledge that exchange rates may fluctuate, and the converted amount may vary accordingly.
  • Processing Fee: Both Univacity and the Institute retain the right to deduct processing fees from any refunded amount. This includes fees associated with transaction processing and administrative costs. Users are advised to review these potential deductions as outlined by Univacity and the institute.

6. Accommodation

  • Cancellation Refund: Refund policies for accommodation are intricately tied to a discerning cancellation timeline set out below:

    • Landlord Cancellation: If the landlord cancels before the check-in date, the student will receive a full refund.
    • Cancellation between 60 days before check-in: Full refund of the initial payment.
    • Cancellation between 30 and 59 days before check-in: 50% refund of the initial payment.
    • Cancellation 29 days or less before check-in: Non-refundable.
    • Significant Deviation: Refunds for significant deviations from the originally booked accommodation are applicable within 24 hours of the check-in date. Users encountering unforeseen circumstances or discrepancies upon arrival are required to promptly notify the accommodation provider, providing comprehensive details to initiate the refund process. This ensures that users are promptly assisted and refunded in cases where the accommodation does not meet expectations.
    • Post-24-Hour Refund: Refund requests made after 24 hours of the check-in date must adhere to the terms stipulated in the tenant agreement. The tenant agreement outlines the conditions and procedures for obtaining a refund at this stage. Users must review and comply with the terms of the agreement established between the user and the accommodation provider.
  • Currency Conversion: Currency conversion for payments will be determined based on the prevailing market rate. Users acknowledge that exchange rates may fluctuate, and the converted amount may vary accordingly.
  • Platform Booking Fee: The non-refundability of the Platform Booking Fee is effective 24 hours after the scheduled check-in date. Users agree to manage their reservations carefully and make any necessary adjustments within the initial 24-hour window to avoid forfeiture of the booking fee. This fee is implemented to cover administrative costs associated with the booking process.

7. Scholarship

  • Refund before Claim: Scholarship providers have the option to request a refund before a scholarship is claimed, subject to applicable fees. Users need to be aware of the specific conditions and associated fees governing pre-claim refund requests.
  • Claimed Scholarship: Once a scholarship is claimed, it becomes non-refundable. Users are strongly encouraged to assess their eligibility carefully and intention to utilize the scholarship before claiming it, as this decision is irreversible.
  • Partial Claim: In instances of partial claims, where only a portion of the scholarship has been utilised, Users retain the option to initiate a refund process for the remaining amount. The terms and conditions specified by the scholarship program govern this process. Users can avail themselves of this option to manage their scholarship funds effectively and responsibly.

8. Flight

  • Refund Rules: Refund policies for flights strictly adhere to the rules set forth by the respective airlines. Users agree to acquaint themselves with the specific refund policies applicable to their booked flights. This familiarity ensures that users are informed about the conditions under which a refund may be initiated. Univacity facilitates refunds in accordance with the equivalent amount refunded by the airline, ensuring transparency and consistency in the refund process.
  • Insurance Fee: Refunds for additional insurance or protection purchased in conjunction with the flight booking are subject to the terms and conditions outlined by the insurance service provider. Users agree to review these terms carefully to understand the eligibility criteria and procedures for refund requests related to insurance or protection services.
  • Booking Fee: The Booking Fee associated with flight reservations is non-refundable. This fee contributes to administrative costs and is implemented to cover the expenses incurred during the flight booking process.

9. Pricing Policy

9.1. Program

  • for Institutes
    • Listing a Program: Institutes have the opportunity to list their programs on the Univacity Platform at no cost. This free-of-charge service allows Institutes to showcase their offerings and reach a wider audience.
    • 0% Commission Option: Institutes can opt to list their programs with a 0% commission. This provides flexibility for Institutes to determine the commission structure that aligns with their preferences.
    • Commission as a Percentage: In cases where Institutes choose to set a commission fee as a percentage above 0, they are obligated to pay the set percentage based on the annual tuition fee rate offered to the student.
    • Fixed Commission Amount: If the commission type is fixed and the amount is above 0, the commission will be a fixed amount as set by the Institute. This allows Institutes to have control over the commission structure that best suits their needs.
    • Commission Payment Trigger: Commission is payable only if the student receives an offer and subsequently enrols at the university/Institute.
    • Commission Due Date: Commission is due 45 days after the student's intake. This timeframe allows institutes a reasonable period to account for enrolment confirmations and process commission payments accordingly.
    • Waiver for Full Scholarship Recipients: If a student receives a full scholarship from the Institute, the commission may be waived. This recognises the unique circumstances of scholarship recipients and adjusts the commission requirement accordingly.
    • Additional Commission/Bonus: Any additional commission or bonus for the Institute is subject to any fee agreed upon by any additional contract or agreement between them and Univacity. This ensures clarity and mutual consent in any supplementary commission arrangements.
    • Application Fee and Merchant Fee: The application fee is subject to a merchant fee, acknowledging the transactional costs associated with processing application fees.
    • Fixed Commission Rate on Application Creation: The commission rate is fixed on the date the application is created. For instance, if the institute sets a commission at 20%, and an agency creates an application, and later the institute changes the commission to 10%, the commission due for that application remains at 20%.
  • for Agencies
    • Fee Structure: Univacity implements various charges, including an application fee, service fee, and add-ons. The pricing details are transparently displayed on the website and throughout the application process, ensuring clarity for agencies and applicants.
    • Commission Payment Terms: Commission payment is contingent upon the amount received by Univacity from the school and the timing of the payment. This structure aligns commission payments with the school's financial transactions, creating a fair and practical arrangement.
    • Non-Enrolment Exception: In instances where a student fails to enrol at the Institute, no commission is payable, acknowledging the significance of successful student enrolment as a prerequisite for commission obligations.
    • Tuition Fee Payment: If a student fails to pay their tuition fee post-enrolment, the Institute reserves the right to withhold delay commission payments until the tuition is settled. Alternatively, the Institute may opt to pay a partial commission based on the received amount, reflecting a balanced approach.
    • Platform Fee: Univacity levies a 15% platform fee on all commission payments from the Institute. This fee supports the operational and service aspects of the platform.
    • Non-Partner Institute Exception: No commission is paid for programs from non-partner Institutes.
  • for Students
    • Fee Transparency: Univacity charges application fees, service fees, and add-ons, with clear and embedded pricing visible on the program details and application pages.

9.2. Tour

  • for Institutes
    • Similar to Programs with Distinctions: This section is analogous to the Programs section with specific distinctions outlined below.
    • Minimum Commission Requirement: Institutes are required to commit to a minimum of 10% commission, with the flexibility to adjust it above this threshold based on mutual agreements.
    • Upfront Deduction of Commission: Univacity deducts the commission fee from the amount paid out to the Institute upfront, streamlining the payment process and ensuring transparency in financial transactions.
    • Payment Hold Period: Univacity may hold the payment until 48 hours after the event date or refundable date. This measure aims to expedite potential refunds to users/students promptly after the specified event.
    • Tour Cancellation Refund: In the event of a tour cancellation by the Institute, the Institute is obliged to refund the user fully, reflecting the commitment to user satisfaction and fair financial practices.
    • Tour Postponement Refund Window: If the Institute decides to postpone a tour, the user retains the option to request a full refund within 48 hours.
  • for Agencies
    • Similar to Programs: This section is similar to the Programs section, including Univacity's commission from the earned agency commission.
    • Commission Payment Timing: Commission is payable 15 days after the end date of the event, providing agencies with a clear timeline for their commission payments.
    • Payment Process and Merchant Fee: The payment process and associated merchant fees are subtracted from the commission, ensuring transparency and clarity in financial transactions.
  • for Students
    • Tour Cost Visibility: The cost of the tour is clearly visible on the tour and checkout pages, allowing students to make informed decisions during the booking process.

9.3. Payment

  • Conversion fee: Univacity adds an additional commission to the quoted exchange rate, which varies between currency pairs.
  • Transfer fee: Univacity may charge an additional transfer fee, visible in the payment summary during checkout.
  • Univacity reserves the right to re-quote the price if there is a significant change in the exchange rate or delay in payment from the user, subject to notice and approval from the user, or refund the user the amount paid.

    • If re-quoting was due to a change in the exchange rate, the full amount is refunded.
    • If it was due to a delay in payment (i.e., the payment was received 24 hours after the quote), then incurred fees (payment + banking fee) + 50 USD processing fee are subtracted.
  • All fees are paid by the student or the payee.
  • Univacity charges the institute no additional fees on all payments. The institute's bank may charge them for payment received.
  • The Institute agrees to handle refund requests promptly.

9.4. Accommodation

  • for Landlord/Host
    • Commission fee: Univacity charges a 20% commission on the rental fee, paid via app/platform (usually the first 30 days' rent).
    • Univacity holds the payment up to 48 hours after the moving date.
    • The general platform refund policy subsists, and other refund policies, including that of the tenant agreement or advertised policy added by the host on the platform.
    • Security deposits are due on check-in and paid directly by tenants.
  • for Agencies
    • Commission: Univacity pays agencies a 10% commission on the rental amount.
    • No commission is payable on the booking fee.
    • Commission is payable/due 15 days after check-in.
  • for Student/Tenants
    • Tenants pay both rental and booking fees on the platform.
    • The rental price paid during booking is usually just the first 30 days.
    • Security deposits are on move-in and usually paid to the landlord directly.

9.5. Scholarship

  • for Sponsors
    • There are no fees or commissions to list a scholarship on the platform.
    • Payment of the scholarship reward via Univacity is subject to the payment gateway merchant fee.
  • for Agencies
    • Commission: Univacity pays agencies a 10% commission on the rental amount.
    • No commission is payable on the booking fee.
    • Commission is payable/due 15 days after check-in.
  • for Student/Tenants
    • Tenants pay both rental and booking fees on the platform.
    • The rental price paid during booking is usually just the first 30 days.
    • Security deposits are on move-in and usually paid to the landlord directly.

10. Consultants/Immigration Firms

  • Commission and Reassignment
    • Commission Fee: Univacity charges a 30% commission on the consultancy fee, ensuring a fair compensation structure for services provided.
    • Reassignment Requests: If a User requests reassignment, the consultant receives no fee or attribution for that User. All fees are directed to the last attributing firm, promoting transparency and consistency.
  • Service Capacity and Outsourcing
    • Service Capacity: Consultants cannot outsource this service. If they lack the capacity to support students, reassignment is mandatory to ensure quality service.
    • Performance and Network Integrity: Success Rate Requirement: Univacity reserves the right to remove a consultant from the network if their success rate falls below 80%, ensuring high standards of service.
    • Misguidance or Redirection: Removal from the network may occur if a consultant misguides or redirects Users to a competitor product, safeguarding the integrity of the Univacity network.
    • Excessive Reassignment Requests: If the number of students requesting reassignment exceeds 10 in a month due to issues related to the consultant's support level, removal from the network may be considered to maintain service efficiency.
  • Consultancy Fee and Payment
    • One-Time Payment: The consultancy fee is a one-time payment, irrespective of the duration it took to finalise the applicant's submission for the visa application. This structure provides clarity and fairness in compensation.
    • Fee Setting: Univacity sets the consultancy fee, ensuring consistency and fairness in the compensation offered to consultants.
    • No Additional Charges: Consultants are not allowed to charge User/Applicants additional consultancy fees beyond those charged by the platform, fostering a standardised and transparent fee structure.
  • Reassignment Requests and Document Return
    • Reassignment Requests: If a User requests reassignment, the consultancy firm must promptly return all User documents upon request. They cannot withhold any User documents in their possession, ensuring a smooth

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