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The fact that it is one of the main professions in which specialization has come to the fore in recent years increases the importance of pharmacists who will be trained in this field. Pharmacists have always been at the forefront of reliable health consultants in our country.

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Pharmacy Service - Cover
2 years
Tuition Fee
$4,250 annually
On Campus
Full Time


About the Program

The fact that it is one of the main professions in which specialization has come to the fore in recent years increases the importance of pharmacists who will be trained in this field. Pharmacists have always been at the forefront of reliable health consultants in our country.

Retail Pharmacy continues to provide this consultancy service to the public, and due to the change in the criteria for opening a pharmacy, there is an increasing number of pharmacy operating forms in which two or more pharmacists are employed. This mode of operation contributes to the interruption of the communication and consultancy duties of retail pharmacists with the patients during the increasing bureaucracy and to the healthy maintenance of the patient-pharmacist relationship due to the increasing burdens.

It also causes an increase in employment in the retail pharmacy section. There is also a strong need for hospital pharmacists, pharmacists involved in cancer treatment practices, and clinical pharmacists who specialize in specialty examination. Competent pharmacists who will take place in R&D, marketing, sales, production, and management staff in the industry are in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry.

However, it is a known fact that there is a shortage of adequately equipped pharmacists. In this sense, Faculties of Pharmacy provide the opportunity to train qualified pharmacists who will serve in the health sector of the future, in drug research and development, in rational drug use, in areas requiring special applications such as cancer, in the patient-clinician-specialist pharmacist triangle, in academia.


Our vision is to train idealist pharmacists who will serve society in the best way and inform society about medicines without sacrificing quality.


It is necessary to educate Pharmacists who are far from memorizing and comprehending the information and practices by assimilation and who see the profession not only as a title or a means of earning money, but also as an activity that they will do fondly and willingly throughout their lives, who have adopted the rule of life-long learning as a lifestyle, and who adhere to ethical principles and purposes. With all its knowledge, skills, and equipment, our university and department are renewed day by day and have made progress as a mission.

Program Aims and Outcomes

Our aim is to train graduates with knowledge, skills, and competencies in Pharmacy, who take care of the benefit of society, who are researching, questioning, lifelong learning and evidence-based practice skills.

Individuals who graduated from the Pharmacy Undergraduate Program;

*Gains the ability to prepare solutions and analyze the unknown within the scope of pharmacy basic sciences,

*Recognizes pharmaceutical products of natural and synthetic origin used in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases,

*Knows drug dosing and prepares drug forms (tablet, capsule, injectable, etc.),

*Learns drug formulations and can develop new formulations,

*Learns toxic compounds, drug toxicology, and analysis,

*Learns biochemical mechanisms and the relationship between nutrition, disease, and health,

*Interprets the causes and effects of metabolic diseases in clinical biochemistry and evaluates laboratory findings,

*Recognizes medicinal plants and pharmaceutical products and criticizes the advantages and disadvantages of their use, knows instrumental analyzes used in medicinal plant research,

*Learns rational drug use,

*Performs the analysis and risk assessment of drug-drug interactions and pharmacological routes of administration,

*Knows the preparation, raw material formulations, and production techniques of cosmetic products,

*Knows human anatomy-physiology, knows the distribution, absorption, metabolism, and excretion of drugs,

*Knows Pharmacy Deontology,

*Have the necessary knowledge about medical first aid,

*Can comment on pharmacy management and health law.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from the program can work in the following sectors:

● Retail Pharmacy

● Hospital Pharmacy

● Clinical Pharmacy (in the fields of hospital and health service delivery (specialization is possible with Pharmacy Specialization Exams)

● Academic Pharmacy

● Cosmetologist or Herbalist (Physiotherapist) Pharmacist

● Industrial Pharmacy

● Marketing

● Production

● R/D

● Pharmacovigilance Manager

● Pharmacoeconomics Manager

● Cancer Treatment Pharmacy

Graduates who successfully complete the pharmacy program can be employed in many different fields, having the characteristics to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities defined by the Pharmacy and Poisons law. In addition to continuing their careers as health professionals, they can also do higher-level academic work if they wish.


  • Foreign students (Turkish language proficiency is required)

A copy of your High School Diploma (O LEVEL & A LEVEL) e.g (WAEC, NECO, SAT, KCSE, ZIMSEC, GCE)

A copy of your International passport Bio-data page.

A copy of your recent Passport Photo.

A valid copy of your Result Checker Card.

All applicants for undergraduate degree courses must possess a minimum qualification of five (5) credits, in the Senior Secondary School Certificate (WAEC, NECO, SAT, KCSE, ZIMSEC, GCE).


* Fees include scholarship, registration, social activity, and all taxes.

* The Student Permit fee of approx. USD $100, which also includes Annual Health Insurance, is payable directly to the TRNC Ministry of Health.

Tuition Fee $4,250 annually
Application Fee $0
Acceptance Fee $1,146
Housing Fee $200- $300 monthly
Living Fee $200- $300 monthly

Addition Information

Duration2 years
AttendanceOn Campus
Country🇨🇾 Cyprus
Main Campus
FormatFull Time
Fall 2023, Spring 2023, Fall 2024, Spring 2024, Spring 2025, Spring 2025
Study LanguageTurkish
Application Fee$0

$4,250 per year

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