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Electrical Engineering With & Without Thesis

The postgraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (with/without a thesis) starts in October 2021 at the Final International University. It is a postgraduate program leading to M.S. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree, and the whole structure of instruction is English.

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Electrical Engineering With & Without Thesis - Cover
2 years
Tuition Fee
$4,350 annually
On Campus
Full Time


About the Program

Most technological developments and scientific projects are associated in some way or another with Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Every industrial sector is directly or indirectly related to or depends on this field, and therefore, electrical and electronic engineers are in continuous demand in the industry. Students are being educated on electrical system project design, productivity, alternative electrical energy systems, electronic device design, production, and similar fields in this field. Students are offered a wide variety of courses during their education, from which they can select according to their interests and skills. Our graduates can start their careers in many different sectors working with electrical energy.

Program Aim and Outcomes

Our Electrical and Electronic Engineering program aims to graduate highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with hands-on experience who can be outstanding experts.

Program Objective:

1. To assist graduate students in developing skills for scientific research

2. To help graduate students develop leadership skills necessary for managing engineering projects

3. To provide postgraduate students with skills for the development of solutions to electrical engineering problems

4. To excel in advanced research and education of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, particularly in the areas of Signal Processing, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Telecommunications, Embedded Systems, and Power Systems

5. To graduate engineering professionals and researchers who produce high-quality designs and innovations in related fields using state-of-the-art knowledge, technology, and professional design tools

Learning outcomes of the Master's degree program:

1. Ability to apply a fundamental understanding of science and electrical engineering

2. Ability to identify, formulate and solve complex electrical engineering problems.

3. Ability to design and conduct experiments related to electrical engineering, as well as to analyze and interpret data

4. Be able to create a complex system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.

5. Be able to develop solutions that meet the desired needs within the economic, manufacturing, and sustainability borders.

6. Be able to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for electrical engineering practice and research.

7. Be able to function and communicate effectively in multidisciplinary teams.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program can easily find jobs in both the public and the private sectors. They can also pursue careers in project definition, development, research and development (RE&DE), work measurement, material management, production planning and control, quality control, and business administration and management, especially in high-technology companies. The sectors the graduates can work in are wireless communication systems, fiber optic communication systems, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, design and production of electric cars, and control, and robotic systems. In addition, students who have graduated from the program can continue their education in their doctoral program to have the opportunity to become research assistants and then faculty members at universities.


Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree with CGPA > 2.50/4.00 OR 3.0-3.5/5.00

A copy of your international Passport Bio-Data Page.

WAEC Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate (ND & HND)

Undergraduate Transcript  (ND & HND)

Passport Photograph

A minimum score of IELTS Academic 6.0, TOEFL IBT 75, or 69 on the Oxford English Test (administered at FIU), or an equivalent English language qualification approved by the FIU Rector’s Office, or an equivalent English language qualification approved by the FIU Rector’s Office. 

Curriculum Vitae

Two reference letters.

Statement of Purpose in English (A letter that states the Applicant’s Purpose for choosing the Program ).


Tuition fees for Non-Thesis Program: $4550

Tuition Fee $4,350 annually
Application Fee $0
Acceptance Fee $0
Housing Fee $200- $300 monthly
Living Fee $200- $300 monthly

Addition Information

Duration2 years
AttendanceOn Campus
Country🇨🇾 Cyprus
Main Campus
FormatFull Time
Fall 2023, Spring 2023, Fall 2024, Spring 2024, Spring 2025, Spring 2025
Study LanguageEnglish
Application Fee$0

$4,350 per year

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