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Architecture with&without Thesis

The candidates for admission to the Master of Science Program in Architecture must satisfy the requirements of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research of the university as well as the Departmental requirements. Candidates for admission to the M.S. in Architecture Program should have a B.Arch. degree in architecture or a relevant discipline.

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Architecture with&without Thesis  - Cover
2 years
Tuition Fee
$4,350 full program
On Campus
Full Time


Program Aim and Outcome

Completing a master's degree in architecture enables students to develop advanced skills to succeed in their field. As the workforce changes, a postgraduate degree indicates that you are committed to developing your knowledge and reputation in the industry. The students should concentrate on a specific area of research, which will help them become more successful in their field. The advantages of a master's degree can also help students build on their current skills, learn new talents, or even transfer to an entirely new area.

A master’s degree also supports career development supporting a transition to more senior positions, such as leadership and management. Many companies understand the advantages of a master's degree and choose to provide one for their employees. In fact, over the last few years, 74 percent of employers have increased educational requirements, with several businesses seeking to recruit those with advanced degrees.

The other advantages of a master's degree often allow students to develop their ability to study, research, write and analyze. Consequently, they can become stronger in problem-solving and develop the ability to better handle complicated tasks. They continue to build on a wealth of experience by obtaining a postgraduate degree, preparing them for a life of continuous learning.

Therefore, from an academic point of view, engaging students in a high level of education to continue their studies will open a new door for them to continue their academic and professional lives.

There is no doubt that the proposed program will have both academic and market value. It is a fact that a program with a thesis will be beneficial for successful students in academic and scientific studies and will open academic career paths. Our university will also have qualified students who will support academic studies.

The learning outcomes of the program are:

*Develop and critically analyze the architectural design

*Employ modes of architectural representation and other discipline-specific vocabulary and analytic systems

*Situate architecture within historic, social, and cultural contexts

*Assert a critical position through the development of an architecture thesis

*Understand the methods of investigation and preparation of a brief for a design project.

*Engage in all aspects of architectural work from assessing user requirements to designing within the constraints imposed by cost factors and building regulations.

*Understand the regulations and procedures of the industries and organizations involved in translating design concepts into buildings and urban planning.

Career Opportunities

With a postgraduate degree, our graduates have a possibility of an academic career in higher education institutions or continuing their study at a higher level of education institution. The postgraduate degree also will be well equipped to work as freelance architects or set up their own offices in the field of construction and architectural design. They can also work in industries or design processes related to technology, for the development and production of construction materials or can be engaged in the urban environment. Our graduates can pursue careers such as:



*Architectural technologists

*Town planners

*Production designers


  • A Portfolio [Content of the portfolio includes all research and architectural projects produced during the undergraduate and/or postgraduate studies of the applicant as well as other professional skills and performances (in A4, A3 hardcopy or CD format)]
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Reference Letter(s)
  • A copy of the Diploma of the last degree obtained,
  • Transcripts of previous degrees
  • A letter of Intention / personal statement (in which the field and reasons of study of the applicant are clearly stated.)
  • Certificate of English proficiency (IELTS Academic 6.0, TOEFL IBT 75, or at least 69 points in the Oxford English exam (applied at FIU or equivalent approved by the FIU) is an English language proficiency grade
  • Citizens of the Turkish Republic applying for master’s programs with a thesis requirement must possess a minimum score of 55 from ALES or an equivalent score from other exams like GMAT or GRE as specified by the Senate. ALES score is not required for admission of TC students who receive all their undergraduate education abroad.


Tuition fee for Non-Thesis - $4550 

Tuition Fee $4,350 full program
Application Fee $0
Acceptance Fee $0
Housing Fee $200- $300 monthly
Living Fee $200- $300 monthly

Addition Information

Duration2 years
AttendanceOn Campus
Country🇨🇾 Cyprus
Main Campus
FormatFull Time
Fall 2023, Spring 2023, Fall 2024, Spring 2024, Spring 2025, Spring 2025
Study LanguageEnglish
Application Fee$0

$4,350 full program

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