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Graphic design

This program is for you if you are interested in the various fields of graphics, are creative, have good visual sense and drawing skills, are familiar with the basic computer graphics software and are interested in typography.

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Graphic design - Cover
3 years
Tuition Fee
€4,900 per semester
On Campus
Full Time



In the age of desktop publishing (DTP), graphic design became the most innovative branch of design, with a strong presence of its intellectual products in everyday life, both in the online and offline media. In these fields, we will introduce you to the secrets of the various surfaces and media of graphic design, from illustration to book, identity and poster design, branding, logos, pictograms, and packaging design.

Practical Opportunities During Education

In our Graphic Design workshop, you can create illustrations using lithography, screen printing, linocut, and woodcut techniques. Our computer studios have the latest DTP software at your disposal. You can try out our digital printing machines and Rizography, and use our laser cutter, 3D printer, and bookbinding workshop to make your computer designs a reality. 

The training will give priority to: 

  • individual consultations, mentoring by teachers; 
  • focus on practical work and creativity; 
  • creative solutions to realistic, real-life, often challenging problems, actual tasks; 
  • teamwork alongside individual achievement; 
  • an integrated, cross-disciplinary project-based teaching methodology. 

Educational Opportunities

We build on your competencies so that they can be fulfilled. 

You will find your individual voice, style, and brand. 

You will become committed to innovative, aesthetic, smart graphics and typography. 

We will channel your creativity into a conscious flow so that you can work both independently and in a team. 


Specializations are launched only if a sufficient number of students wish to join the specialization. 

  • Graphic Design: 

Choose this specialization to acquire hands-on knowledge on the greatest scale both on the traditional platforms of graphic design and in the area of the new media. You will be able to find your own voice on every graphic design platform through life-like tasks, which you will be able to exploit in your design and creative work. We will prepare you to be able to communicate visually in the language of graphic design in your career. 

In this specialization, you can learn typography, logo, pictogram design, branding, packaging design, illustration design, book design, poster design, bookbinding, web design, infographics, info design, reproduction graphics, linocut, woodcut, engraving, lithography, screen printing, and risograph.  

  • Packaging Design: 

Choose this specialization if you feel it is important to dress the brands lined up on store shelves with practical and functional design objects, creative product images, and unique and special packaging. Our specialization emphasizes the knowledge of innovative technologies, biomaterials, and the possibility of recycling and reuse in the field of packaging culture, which is one of the most complex and demanding areas of visual communication. 

This specialization includes packaging culture, paper, and packaging industry skills, printing technology, visual concept development, campaign, logo, emblem, pictogram, brand image identity, branding, infographics, illustration techniques, typography, mock-ups, model making, 3D visual design, 3D graphics with spatial illustration, pop-up book design, board game design and creation, bookbinding techniques. 

Career Opportunities

  • Freelance artist as a graphic designer, packaging designer, illustrator  
  • Art director, a graphic designer in graphic studios, creative agencies  
  • Illustrator, image editor, or DTP editor in online and print media  
  • Web designer, UI, UX designer 


  1. A copy of your School Diploma(O LEVEL & A LEVEL) e.g (WAEC, NECO, SAT, KCSE, ZIMSEC, GCE)
  2. minimum qualification of five (5) credits, in the Senior Secondary School Certificate (WAEC, NECO, SAT, KCSE, ZIMSEC, GCE).
  3. A copy of your International passportBio-data page.
  4. A copy of your recent passport photo.
  5. A valid copy of your Result Checker Card.
  6. A relevant portfolio is required: Please upload your application materials to Google Drive (or any other file storage and synchronization service) and put the publicly accessible link to the ‘Portfolio’ section of your online application form. A sample of your autonomous artworks or graphic design works, both manual and digital is accepted. Every form of graphic design is welcomed: illustrations, layouts, logos, comics, CD and book covers, posters, typo posters, packaging designs, brand identities, web designs, etc.Handmade originals have to be scanned and combined with digital works in one single PDF portfolio.
  7. A short Letter of Motivation in which the applicant informs us about their educational background and the reasons for choosing to study Graphic Design BA at our institution
  8.  A narrative Curriculum Vitae in which the applicant shows us their educational background and highlights the most important events of their life.
  9.  Please include a Statement of Ownership that verifies that all the materials included in the portfolio were created by you alone, and write a few words about the works in the portfolio. In the case of collective work, please clearly indicate your personal contribution to the given project(s).

    Every written material should be sent in PDF format.


What can you study with us?

• We build on your competencies so that they can be fulfilled.
• You will find your individual voice, style and brand.
• You will become committed to innovative, aesthetic, smart graphics and typography.
• We will channel your creativity into a conscious flow so that you can work both independently and in a team.

    • The first year is about developing manual and computer skills, learning traditional procedures as well as the latest in graphic technology. You will also design illustrations, covers, artistic posters, logos, pictograms, and image identity. 

    • The second year will be about book and magazine design, typography tools, and joint use of fonts and images. We will also focus on packaging design, branding, corporate identity, and sustainability, bio-design, and eco-consciousness in graphic design. 

    • In the third year, you will focus on complex and integrated projects, interactive graphics appearing on the latest platforms of the digital age, responsive web design, mobile applications, UI and UX design, brand portfolio, and diploma work implementation. 


2950 EUR/semester for EU students (includes the Member States of the EU, EEA, and Turkey)

Registration fee: 100 EUR

Enrollment fee: 100 EUR

Health Insurance: 400 EUR

Two semesters of tuition fee payment required 

Tuition Fee €4,900 per semester
Application Fee €200
Acceptance Fee €0
Housing Fee €200- €300 monthly
Living Fee €150- €250 monthly

Addition Information

Duration3 years
AttendanceOn Campus
Country🇭🇺 Hungary
FormatFull Time
Fall 2023, Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Spring 2024, Fall 2025, Fall 2025
Study LanguageEnglish
Application Fee€200

€4,900 per semester

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